Our highly experienced managers and staff are committed to making every child’s time with us a happy and positive experience, where they are fully supported in becoming familiar with the nursery routines, and soon become confident and happy learners, feeling very much at home in a safe and welcoming environment.

When your child starts at our pre-schools, our managers will be on hand to offer you advise on the ways forward to best support your child. We fully understand the trauma parents may also be feeling when their child is distressed, and our staff will be on hand to offer advice and guidance.

We recognise that all children are unique and whilst some children settle into nursery life quickly, for some it can be a daunting time.

Time & Attention

At pre-school children are encouraged to make new friends with whom they can learn and share, take turns and enjoy each other’s company.
Our settling down procedures ensure that all children are given the time and attention they need to settle, as separation from their parents can sometimes be a difficult and upsetting process for the child and parents.


Life is about care and respect for others. At a very early age we believe it is vital to encourage children to become part of a social group outside of the home. We encourage children to express their feelings positively, begin to understand the opinions of others through discussion with their peers and by the examples set by our skilled practitioners.

We encourage children to make friends, share with one another, and be kind to every child in the pre-school. Older children are encouraged, and often take the lead in showing younger children around the pre-school and making them feel secure and at home.


Life is about care and respect for others. We teach children to respect one another and understand differences and similarities in each other.